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Find A Friend For Free

How to Find A Friend For Free? There are several popular sites that promise to track your old friends, like However, these sites require you to pay for their services, an unnecessary expense especially since there are many ways to find a friend for free.

You can begin your search in, where not only can you find many of your old friends maintaining accounts, but many more shared acquaintances on their friends list. Choose a popular friend or one who loves to network then read through their list and check which ones you’d like to reconnect. You can also send a message to these people in the hopes that they have a way to contact a specific friend you are looking for. Ask them to tell your friend to reach you with a contact number you provide.

If there are some friends who don’t appear on their lists, you can try the alumni bulletin board in your old alma mater. They maintain an extensive collection of records of past students and may provide clues, which will enable you to find a friend for free. If your friend still doesn’t appear there, you can update your own information in the off chance he is looking for you, as well.

 Find A Friend For FreeFinally, you can use the concept of Six Degrees of Separation, which states that every one is connected to everyone else through an average of six people. If people you know aren’t directly in contact with the friend you are looking for, ask them if they know someone who might know your friend. You can also recall your friend’s interests, hobbies, profession or circle of friends then ask people in these fields about him. Using this method is far easier nowadays since social networks allow for a greater and faster way for people with similar interests to connect with each other. There are still other ways to find a friend for free, but these suggestions should get you in the right direction in no time.